Monday, May 3, 2010

Designing a new glass studio

Designing a New Glass Studio

I grew up in Tulsa, OK and am moving back there to live. This will give me the opportunity to have a new glass studio 4X the size of my current workshop.

I will also be able to set up a welding station and begin to create larger pieces.

Moving to a new studio means packing and transporting a LOT of glass about 1200 miles from central Virginia to northeastern Oklahoma. About one-third of the sheet glass has already made the migration.

The new studio space has a lot of light streaming through large windows with full southern exposure and large windows on the east and west walls as well.

The windows are framed-in low in the walls so it will be a challenge to position all of my work surfaces and storage bins without blocking the light.

How best to use this 25' x 14' space? I need to think about the flow of work as my creations emerge from raw glass to finished piece. From glass bin to light box to cutting table. Then on to layout and grinding, etc.

I will be building an island workstation in the middle of the room, about 10' x 5' in size. My friend Sam Birchall is going to do the actual construction. Estimated construction date is the 3rd week of June.

So the July blog should have a video of that project and pics of the first creations from the prairie studio of Feral Glass. In June I will write about an artist's perspective on how art lovers can get the best deals at an arts/crafts fair.